Saturday, 17 June 2017

Year 5 Art Day

On the 16th June Year 5 were lucky enough to have a day packed full of Art. The children had the opportunity to try out their cartooning skills with cartoonist Oliver Preston; experimental mark making with fine art textile designer Lizzie Weir; outdoor nature drawings with artist Gemma Waters and pottery with potter and poet Alan Peacey. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Year 7 Art Workshop with Illustrator Emma Dibben

On the 9th of May Year 7 were lucky enough to have illustrator, Emma Dibben carry out workshops for the day. Emma is well known for her illustrations of food and food packaging, particularly for Waitrose. First Emma taught the children how to draw out the fruit and vegetables using pencil, then applying watercolour, using washes of paint and splatters before adding finer details. It was a great day, with an impressive level of work created by the year group and I hope some of them may have been inspired by Emma to become illustrators one day. 

A selection of pieces created by the year group: 

Anna Wateridge 7JLB

Georgie Balfry 7JLB

Hannie Maculan 7D

Harry Ahearne 7JLB

Hermione Brewster 7D

Jemima Walker 7T

Lawrie Van de Grift 7T

Rosie Roche 7D

Sam Read 7D

Year 4 Watercolour and Oil Pastel Leaf Patterns

Breezy Sabine 4R

Quitterie Peppiatt 4SM

Roddy Morris 4R

Sam Macintosh 4R

William Howard 4H

Year 6 Australian Aboriginal Dot Paintings

This term in Art Year 6 have been exploring the dot paintings made by the Australian Aboriginal people. They firstly chose six symbols before planning out their painting and then painting them in acrylic using paintbrushes and cotton buds. The students took special care to think about the colours they were using and the placement of the symbols. 

Flora Scurr 6R 

Holly Bullock 6C

Luca Webb 6DS

Mathilde Davey 6C

Poppy Ross 6F

Rosalind Wilkes 6DS

Saskia Meakin 6R

Savannah Orchard 6C

Year 7 African/Cubist Masks

Hannie Maculan 7D

Hermione Brewster 7D

Mungo Schmidt 7D

Johnny Mclaughlin  7JLB

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Year 6 Chance and Control Paper Compositions.

Students cut out 32 shapes from 4 different coloured pieces of paper. 

I. Improvised composition Glue down eight shapes onto a piece of paper. Try not to plan the composition in advance. Glue one shape down, then the next shape in response to that, then the one after in response to the ones before and so on until you have glued down all eight shapes. 

II. Chance composition – Stand up and drop eight shapes onto a piece of paper – Glue the shapes down where they land 

III. Chance and control This combines the approaches of the two previous exercises, alternating between being able to make a choice where a shape will go, to having no control over its final position. 

IV. Balance composition – Fold a piece of paper in half – Drop four shapes onto the paper and glue down – Now unfold the paper and glue down four more shapes to ‘balance’ the composition

Questions Year 6 were asked: 

Which is your favourite piece?

Do your works look better on their own or together? Do your eyes go on a 'visual journey' when you look at them? 

Try joining up your piece with other people on your table. Do the pieces work in a large formation? 

Year 8 Art and DT Scholar Trip to Lypiatt Park

On Tuesday afternoon the Year 8 Art and DT scholars enjoyed a fantastic and very interesting visit to see Lynn and Dan Chadwick’s sculpture work at their beautiful home, Lypiatt Park.

They were shown round the house by Dan Chadwick and his wife before being allowed time in the grounds to discover the sculptures of Lynn Chadwick. Tamara Nelson one of the Art Scholars who went on the trip selected her favourite sculpture below; she loved it’s simplicity and clever use of shapes.