Friday, 12 January 2018

Year 8 Wire and Modroc Colour Psychology Character Dolls





Year 6 Tight Sculptures

The students began by creating a continuous line drawing of toys from life, before using a view-finder to select a section of their drawing. They then copied and enlarged this section before abstracting it by changing the colours, inspired by the work of Kandinsky. This section was then used as a starting point for their sculpture. 

To create the sculpture they bent the wire around the outline of their enlarged section before drilling two holes into a wooden base and glue-gunning it, to make it secure. They then used a leg from a pair of tights and stretched it tightly over the wire and base before having it staple gunned at the bottom. The sculptures were then painted white, before drawing on their design and painting it. 



Friday, 10 November 2017

Year 5 Dorothy Dehner Inspired Sculptures

This term Year 5 have been exploring the work of the Action Painters and looking at 20th Century sculptor, Dorothy Dehner. The students began by using different objects from home and nature to create experimental marks onto cardboard using poster paint before cutting shapes from the cardboard and slotting them together.





Pottery Activity

This term has been a new beginning for the Pottery Department as Bethan Jones has taken over as the pottery teacher from Allan Peacey, who ran the department for 27 years. 

The children in Year 4-8 are lucky enough to have the opportunity to join pottery activity run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Year 6 Arcimboldo Inspired Watercolour Food Portraits

Evie 6F

Lyra 6DS

Mary 6DS

Max 6DS

Phoebe 6C

Saskia 6DS

Savannah 6C

Tilly 6C

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Selection of Art Work by Scholar, Jemima K

Skull still life - pencil on paper

skull still life - acrylic on canvas board 

Self Portrait - mixed media on paper 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Year 5 Art Day

On the 16th June Year 5 were lucky enough to have a day packed full of Art. The children had the opportunity to try out their cartooning skills with cartoonist Oliver Preston; experimental mark making with fine art textile designer Lizzie Weir; outdoor nature drawings with artist Gemma Waters and pottery with potter and poet Alan Peacey.